Cloud-to-cloud lightning over the Washington Monument. (Kevin Ambrose)

The thunderstorms fizzled last night as they approached the District, but they still managed to put on a light show over the city with cloud-to-cloud lightning. I did see one vivid cloud-to-ground strike that hit near the Tidal Basin, but it was outside my camera’s frame of view.

It was my first thunderstorm photo chase to D.C., and at least I wasn’t skunked. The lightning display was less than spectacular, but I left with a few shots that made the trip worthwhile. Sometimes, my first storm chase of the season is a bust.

Cloud-to-cloud lightning over Washington, D.C. (Kevin Ambrose)

And as often happens in May during my D.C. storm shoots, I was surrounded by school kids on a field trip asking questions about lightning and photography. I always enjoy their questions and energy level while we’re all stuck together inside the Lincoln or Jefferson Memorials taking cover from the storm.

During the photo shoot Tuesday night, one middle-school girl with a Southern accent told me she thought my photos were wonderful. I laughed to myself because I seriously doubt she’s a Capital Weather Gang follower and has seen any of my photos, but you never know. I thanked her and thought it’s always nice to meet polite kids.

Hopefully, the next storm chase will produce more photos. We’re in an active weather pattern, so the next chase could happen soon.

(Kevin Ambrose)

(Kevin Ambrose)

(Kevin Ambrose)

Below find some great photos from Capital Weather Gang readers from Twitter: