Just when you thought summer was starting, winter rears its ugly head again.

An extremely late-season snowstorm blasted parts of Newfoundland on Wednesday night and Thursday, dumping more than a foot of snow on the town of Gander.

The snow started Wednesday night, when eight inches (20.2 centimeters) fell before midnight. That was a record for May 23. But it didn’t stop there — the storm continued into Thursday morning for a total of more than 14 inches (36.6 centimeters). That’s the second-largest snowfall in May or June that Gander has recorded.

It’s not uncommon for Newfoundland to get snow into late spring — it’s just typically not this much. It was enough snow to close schools, the CBC reported.

Despite how late this winter blast came — and the fact that snow shovels had already been stowed away for the summer — the people in Gander seemed to be taking it in stride.

“If I was smart, I’d move to Florida or somewhere,” Lorne Maxwell told the CBC. “Other than that, it’s Newfoundland. It could be worse.”