A high Potomac River coincided with high tide on Tuesday to generate significant coastal flooding in Alexandria. South Union Street, looking east at the King Street intersection, is partially flooded. (Liz Malm)

Alexandria, Arlington and the District were inundated along the river banks Tuesday as high tide coincided with significant Potomac River flooding.

A tremendous amount of water is draining into the Potomac after weeks of torrential rainfall. For some locations in Maryland, the past 30 days have been the wettest on record, including Baltimore, Beltsville and Damascus.

With water raging downstream and the Chesapeake Bay pushing upstream, Tuesday’s afternoon high tide was as much as five feet above normal. High tide occurred around 1:15 p.m. in the Washington region.

In Alexandria, the water line passed the King Street and South Union Street intersection and approached the Lee Street intersection.

Water spilled over into Georgetown Waterfront Park and flooded the rental dock under Key Bridge. In Navy Yard, debris-laden water inundated the Anacostia River bank in Yards Park.

The morning high tide, which came around 8, flooded many of the bike paths in Alexandria, Arlington and the District, making it difficult for cyclists and walkers to commute.

The next high tide is around 2 a.m. Wednesday.

Georgetown waterfront on Tuesday afternoon. (Andrew Pasko-Reader)