2:20 p.m. — Thunderstorms are firing up, flash flooding possible

Storms started popping up around 1 p.m. and have since grown in size and strength. A flash flood warning and severe thunderstorm warning was issued for a storm in the southeast suburbs around Clinton, Camp Springs and Forestville. It’s almost the only storm in the region right now, except for a small storm that’s tracking south along I-270 from Frederick.

We’re seeing cumulus clouds build tall all over the area, new storms could develop at any time.

A somewhat subjective rating of the day’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10.

4/10: Rain, rain. It may never go away!


Today: Periodic showers. Highs: upper 70s to mid-80s
Tonight: Off and on raindrops. Lows: mid- to upper 60s
Tomorrow: More rain at times. Highs: 70s

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I’m sure the last thing most folks want is another rainy weekend. While I wish I had better news, there is some hope we can work around the rain, at least at times. Today may end up being the best bet to try to shift plans around a little to spend time outside when it isn’t raining. Tomorrow looks trickier, but as we saw last weekend, figuring out the exact timing in these prolonged events is easier said than done.

Listen to the latest forecast:

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Today (Saturday): Plan on getting wet at some point, but it shouldn’t be an all-day rain. Waves of showers may tend to focus on the midday to afternoon period overall, but the timing is always up for some debate until it is underway. There could also be some thunderstorm activity mixed in, but it should generally stay below severe limits if so. If we do get that midday rainier spell, it should help keep temperatures in the upper 70s. With less rain, or rain holding off until later, we push further into the 80s. Confidence: Medium

Tonight: Rain risks persist through the night. We may see a period of heavier activity roll by as little ripples in the atmosphere push by the region. I wouldn’t expect it to rain all night. This in mind, we may see some flooding risks arise again if heavier downpours persist. Lows are in the mid- to upper 60s. Confidence: Medium

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Tomorrow (Sunday): Details outside day one are extra tricky, but there is also the appearance of more support for rain on Sunday than today. There’s more energy passing by aloft, and better winds mixed in, plus perhaps something of a weak surface low trying to show up to the south. It’s not totally different than last Sunday, but a weaker version, perhaps. There is a better shot of lengthier and more widespread rain, and this should help keep highs in the 70s. Some thunder is possible as well. Confidence: Medium

Tomorrow night: On-and-off rain wants to persist into the night. It is possible coverage may decrease from during the day. It’s hard to keep the spigot on forever. Lows are in the near-60 to mid-60s zone. Confidence: Medium

A dragonfly at Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens. (Miki Jourdan via Flickr)


Last weekend’s system eventually got bumped out of the way as we started the week. Not necessarily the case this Monday. I think whatever is left with the event tries to weaken and slowly move on with time, but we may see occasional showers continue for a good chunk of the day. Cooler air has settled in, with highs rising to about 70. Confidence: Low-Medium

It’s not impossible that we are still kicking the rain out of the area by Tuesday. For now it seems we should be drier than not, but if there is any rain it will probably seem like too much at this point! Temperatures begin a rebound, as highs rise to around 80. Confidence: Low-Medium