A quiet morning on P Street. (chasingmailboxes via Flickr)

Temperatures were perhaps a touch higher than normal today, but with dew points falling into the 40s and a breeze to whisk away any sweat, it was pretty darned nice out there. Readings fall nicely in our dry air mass this evening and into tonight. Then we do it all again tomorrow!

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Through Tonight: Outdoor dining should be hopping as temperatures fall back through the 70s through the sunset period. It’s a beautiful, clear night with seasonably low temperatures in the upper 50s to mid-60s for lows. Winds are light and variable.

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Tomorrow (Friday): If you liked today, you’ll love tomorrow. Almost a carbon copy, with perhaps slightly lower temperatures. Under mostly sunny skies, highs are in the near-80-to-mid-80s zone most spots. Humidity is very low, as well. Winds are out of the northwest around 5 to 10 mph. Enjoy it, as big heat is around the corner.

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Pollen update: Grass pollen is moderate. Tree pollen and mold spores are both low/moderate. Weed pollen is low.

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