A shelf cloud rolls over the Chesapeake Bay on Sunday. (Shawn Kimbro)

It was a consummate summer weekend. Hot temperatures and high humidity stoked evening thunderstorms that were strong enough to prompt a few warnings, but never grew large enough to wash out the afternoons and evenings. It made for great sky-watching but very little hassle.

Several of our readers captured beautiful photos of the storms as they passed over the Washington region. Because of their isolated nature, the storms that developed Saturday and Sunday were made more photogenic juxtaposed to clear blue sky and sunshine.

Towering cumulonimbus clouds made for magical sunsets, and the warm, yellow rays of sunshine generated rainbows that were seen across Northern Virginia and Montgomery County. Sunday night’s squall line led to an ominous shelf cloud that rolled across much of the Washington region and across the Chesapeake Bay.

Thanks to everyone who shared their weekend photos with us!