* Flash flood watch thru Friday night for all but far-southeast parts of area *

A somewhat subjective rating of the day’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10.

4/10: Another muggy Friday with chances for storms and flooding downpours. If it’s not already raining you might consider doing any outdoor items earlier in the day for highest chance (but not guarantee) of staying dry.


Today: Storms, downpours, especially PM. Highs: Around 80 to mid-80s.
Tonight: More rounds of rain. Lows: Around 70 to mid-70s.
Saturday: Rain ends, sun slowly emerges. Highs: Mid-80s to low 90s.
Sunday: Mostly sunny. Isolated shower? Highs: Upper 80s to low 90s.

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We now range from soggier to soggiest. More storms could erupt with heavy, flooding downpours. Especially this afternoon. Turn around, don’t drown if water covers the road. Have the umbrella ready otherwise. Hopefully it’s one of the last days for a while. Even clouds should clear as the day wears on tomorrow, beyond our peeks of today at least. But watch out for steamy heat building.

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Today (Friday): It’s possible that north and west of D.C. have the highest chance of seeing heavy downpours and perhaps a strong storm. But none of us in the region should write off getting wet or even encountering a flooded roadway, especially during afternoon hours. Clouds hang tough. Southerly breezes may blow near 15 mph, which is not exactly refreshing in the steaminess. Muggy dew points above 70 degrees make high temperatures around 80 to mid-80s feel near 90 (especially if the sun peeks out). Confidence: Medium-High

Tonight: Rounds of showers and storms are possible through much of the night, but things should settle down somewhat near dawn. Temperatures may only bottom out around 70 degrees, perhaps mid-70s downtown. Light but steady southwesterly breezes help keep us muggy and warm. Confidence: Medium

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Tomorrow (Saturday): Final showers — and perhaps one last isolated storm — should pull out by late morning for the most part. Clouds start to erode. Sunshine emerges. This is great for drying out, bad for steaminess. As our surface dampness evaporates, the air gets to showcase its water vapor mugginess. High temperatures in the mid-80s to near 90 could feel closer to low, or even mid-90s, at times. Westerly breezes 5-10 mph may blow. Confidence: Medium

Tomorrow night: We may see clear skies for most of the night. Great news for stargazers. Perhaps not the clearest air, since there’s tons of water vapor creating a bit of that hazy look at times. You guessed it: continually muggy. Still, good news, rain chances are minimal. A familiar temperature range around 70 degrees outside of the Beltway, with mid-70s downtown, is about as low as we might get. Confidence: Medium

Rallying in the rain, July 21. That’s the spirit. One more day of these downpours. (Kevin Wolf via Flickr )


Sunday: Summer fully returns. This means sunshine. This means temperatures perhaps even a couple of degrees warmer than Saturday — but still upper 80s to low 90s, most likely. Mid-90s heat index values are possible, as well as a slight chance of a late-day shower with a brief increase in clouds. But rain chances are isolated. Confidence: Medium

Sunday night: Repetition may be the name of our game. Temperatures again may bottom out around 70 to mid-70s downtown. Skies stay mostly clear. Mugginess may keep our steam-blanket on. Yet again. Confidence: Medium

Fairly classic August continues into Monday and Tuesday with continued mugginess and temperatures around 90 to perhaps mid-90s (mainly south of town). A couple of showers or storms roaming the region cannot be ruled out; but, overall, sunshine may dominate over any periodic clouds or brief rains. Confidence: Medium