* Flash flood watch through 1 a.m. for most of the area, except far south and east *

A somewhat subjective rating of the day’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10.

7/10: It’s either rain or heat these days. Hopefully the rain holds off enough to enjoy the day!


Today: Partly to mostly cloudy. PM showers and storms. Highs: Mid-80s to around 90.
Tonight: Mostly cloudy, occasional showers. Lows: 68-74.
Tomorrow: Mostly cloudy. Some showers and storms. Highs: Mid-80s.

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If you were tired of the slightly drier weather of late, get ready for rain to make a comeback. With some luck, we can salvage both today and tomorrow, it just might take a little creativity with scheduling. This rainy spell is set to last at least into early next week, as we’ve got another one of these slow-moving systems to deal with.

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Today (Saturday): This is one of those days where we get self-defeating sunshine. That means the sun mostly just goes to work to build up clouds and rain. The morning is likely driest, with showers and storms becoming likelier with time as the day goes on. By afternoon there should be some activity in the area, but it looks like this round may peak more toward evening. Any rain can be heavy, and some isolated flooding issues are possible. Since it’s not a total rain out, temperatures are able to get to the mid-80s and perhaps around 90 if we get enough sun. Winds are out of the south-southeast around 5 to 10 mph. Confidence: Medium

Tonight: Showers and storms continue into and perhaps through the evening before tapering off overnight. It’ll stay muggy, and some patchy fog could develop as well. Lows are in the upper 60s in the coolest spots, which is more like mid-70s downtown. Confidence: Medium

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Tomorrow (Sunday): There’s not much shift in the pattern, which generally leads us to more of the same around here. In these patterns it’s pretty tough to have any real idea on specifics until the short term. So for now the best way to frame this one is as another with showers and storms becoming likelier over time. There is some hint activity will be less than today, but clouds may be more numerous as well, and it’ll again be the case that anything which falls could be heavy and cause localized flooding. Highs in the mid-to-upper 80s seems good. Confidence: Medium

Tomorrow night: As tends to be the case, showers and storms taper and probably end heading into the night. Humidity is still enjoying its stay. Lows range from around 70 to the mid-70s. Confidence: Medium

(L) Nolan Wise (age 12) and Kortney Spicer (age 11) relax in the pig stalls as they wait to show their animals later in the day. The Howard County Fair finishes its eight-day run on Saturday night, August 11th at 11:00p.m. The good news for county fair fans is that the Montgomery County Fair begins an eight-day run that same day. (Photo by Michael S. Williamson/The Washington Post)


It’s the same general story headed into the early week. This upper-level low impacting our weather is a slow mover. Monday is more of the same, with increased chances of rain later in the day, some of which could be heavy. By Tuesday, we might start to get more toward the edge of the rainiest stuff, so perhaps not quite as much as days prior. Highs are in the mid-or-upper 80s both days. Confidence: Medium