It was another morning of record and near-record warm lows followed by a disgustingly hot and humid day. Glancing at the calendar might make it even harder to deal with. The good news is that we should be about to ditch the 90s. Today is Day 43 of 90 degrees or higher in the District, which is just piling on the above-average numbers at this point. It’s also equal to last year’s total. It’s definitely too soon to say they’re done, but we’re getting there.

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Through Tonight: We’ll keep an eye on showers and storms off to our northwest. There are already signs that they are falling apart on approach, but it’s not impossible that something makes it into the area after sunset. The front should sink into and through the region overnight. Any immediate impacts are minimal, but the wind shifts to the north and northeast with time. An additional overnight shower is possible as lows fall to between 70 and 75 degrees or so.

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Tomorrow (Friday): The front should be continuing to slink southward through the day, but how far it gets is up for debate. We’re still close enough that any changes are minimal. It’s muggy but cloudier and in the 80s instead of the 90s. We may spend much or all of the day dry, but the odds of showers and storms should increase as we get through the late afternoon and evening.

Late-summer dusk on the Mall. (Jim Havard via Flickr )

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Rainy weekend: If you’ve been here in recent months, you’re probably not shocked that there is a prospect of rain on a weekend. It’s hard to get a total washout, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed, but it does look rather wet. That frontal boundary that droops into the region tonight stalls out as remnants of Tropical Storm Gordon pass by. As this happens, multiple rounds of rain seem likely, pretty much anytime from later tomorrow through at least Sunday.

Precipitation forecast for the next five days. (Weather Prediction Center)

While it’s possible that the worst of the rain may focus to our north and northwest, the Weather Prediction Center is forecasting a large swath of two to three inches locally through the next five days. This can, and probably will, lead to embedded higher totals as well as more flooding if it comes together.

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