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AccuWeather, is — more than ever — defying what science says is the limit of useful weather forecasting.

2015-2016 may offer a reprieve from extreme cold says AccuWeather, which released its winter outlook earlier this week.

Verizon cites the changing habits of consumers in their reasoning for allowing the contract with The Weather Channel to expire.

Sensing The Weather Channel is down, AccuWeather appears to be publicly stating it's ready to pounce.

After weeks of fruitless negotiations, DirecTV unceremoniously dumped The Weather Channel from its line-up today.

Evan Myers, AccuWeather's chief operating officer, vigorously stood up for its forecasts and their legitimacy.

Meteorology students at Penn State tested AccuWeather's long-range temperature forecasts and found they have "negative skill" after about 10 days.

  • Jon Nese
  • ·
  • Dec 26, 2013
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Surely, AccuWeather appreciates the insurmountable limitations of long-range forecasts. Undeterred, they have unveiled a slick Web site devoted to forecasting an event 6 weeks away.

After examining the quality of predictions in three cities, AccuWeather’s long-range forecasts appear not only less than accurate, but also generally fail to capture general trends in weather.

  • Dennis Mersereau
  • ·
  • Oct 8, 2013
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