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It will make great political theater but won't advance the conversation about how to address the challenge.

This drone video shows how people get their water in Kenya — from the bottom of a muddy well in what used to be a river.

The toasty waters may fuel severe storms this spring in the South and Midwest.

There's a chance 2017 could pull ahead of 2016 as the planet's warmest year.

It was the second warmest February on record, and warmest east of the Rockies.

Sugar maple trees require very cold weather to produce high-quality sap. That's harder to come by when spring arrives weeks ahead of normal.

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Of the various consequences of climate change, warm winters days are least deserving of our angst.

The upcoming warm streak could rank among the longest in February on record.

NASA is posting climate change information that contradicts statements made by President Trump.

The warmth, compared to normal, is again nearly off the charts.

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