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Leading Arctic researcher sees connection between shrinking sea ice and crushing East Coast snow storms.

This rare storm has gone where few preceding storms have gone and climate change may have something to do with it.

2015 is sure to rank as the warmest year on record for Earth, and the weather observed in the U.S. fits right in.

It's summer in December at the Arctic Circle this week.

November was the seventh month in a row that a global record has been broken.

Given the November report, 2015 will go down as the warmest year on record by a huge margin.

As the lone witness representing mainstream climate science, here are a few observations on Ted Cruz's climate change hearing.

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  • Dec 14
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Every single state in the Lower 48 came in warmer than average for the months from September to November.

Eight of 10 months this year have ranked as the warmest on record, including the last six.

Climate change and terrorism shouldn't be pitted against other in terms of their importance

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