Americans seeking to cool off after long, hot days this summer found little relief in the dark of night.

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It reveals most countries have warmed by at least one degree Celsius since the late 1800s.

Record heat has touched every continent in the Northern Hemisphere in recent weeks.

It's not just warmer oceans — sea level rise, droughts and floods all play a role in worsening toxic algal blooms.

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Many news headlines have exaggerated the results of a new scientific paper.

  • Richard Betts
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The devastating wildfires that erupted in California were stoked by temperatures that averaged five degrees above normal.

Swimming off the West Coast is anywhere from chilly to cold, especially without a wet suit. If you ran into the ocean on a San Diego beach right now, though, it would feel more like the water off the Virginia coast.

Crews are struggling, at least in part, because they have never seen fires behave like this.

This latest bout of extreme heat has ended up being the hottest in most locations.

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The headlines you see touting a global heat wave are not hyperbole.

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