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"It is one of the most tranquil and spectacular sights a person could see."

They were neither spaceships nor pancakes, but lenticular clouds.

  • Kathryn Prociv
  • ·
  • Nov 10
  • ·

Notice how motion of the sky follows the topography of the land.

A tall and menacing cloud wall rolled into Sydney off the Pacific.

These are the BEST Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds I have EVER seen.

  • Kathryn Prociv
  • ·
  • Nov 3
  • ·

When this eerie, iridescent cloud formed over Costa Rica this week, people were awe-struck.

Quite frankly, these are some of the most awesome undulatus asperitas clouds we've ever seen.

Cruise ship passengers saw a textbook and amazing example of Kelvin-Helmholtz instability clouds.

Photographers captured hauntingly beautiful views.

The ominous clouds over the historic ballpark made for a dramatic photograph, which went viral on social media.

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