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The city hit 100 on back-to-back-back days.

Two major atmospheric players came together to spawn biblical rainfall totals and disastrous flooding across South Carolina.

  • Jeff Halverson
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  • Oct 5
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It was also the deadliest flood in Utah state history by far.

This storm brought it all: snow, severe thunderstorms, hail, raging winds and fires.

On Sunday, the temperature in Kitzingen, Germany, soared to 104.5 degrees.

Anchorage set a new record for least snow in a season, 50 inches below average.

A wicked combination of low humidity and strong winds helped the Sleepy Hollow Fire spread quickly into Wenatchee, Wash.

Professional and amateurs photographers submitted over 2,000 photos of all kinds of weather phenomenon.

Mind-boggling rainfall totals in Oklahoma and Texas pushed the entire contiguous U.S. as a whole to its wettest May on record.

The final tallies from the month-long deluge are as extreme as they are improbable.

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