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Temperatures are running as low as 20 degrees below average across northeast China this week.

Storm Abigail is going to unleash damaging wind gusts across coastal U.K. later this week.

Two tropical cyclones have never struck Yemen in the same year, much less the same week.

When the sun was shining, the trees in London's large urban parks were illuminated in golden yellow.

  • Justin Grieser
  • ·
  • Nov 8
  • ·

A tall and menacing cloud wall rolled into Sydney off the Pacific.

NASA satellite imagery shows the flooding in Yemen with astonishing clarity.

It is most active season for intense tropical cyclones on record, by a large margin.

  • Phil Klotzbach
  • ·
  • Nov 4
  • ·

Chaser video of storm making landfall is absolutely riveting.

Photos and video on social media depict disastrous flash flooding in the vulnerable port city of Mukalla.

The flooded washed out roads, carried cars away and forced residents to evacuate from their flooded neighborhoods.

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