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It was the third and most damaging typhoon to affect Taiwan in the past two weeks.

The tiny island of Itbayat could be seen through the clear eye of the typhoon. It took two direct hits from the eyewall.

The representative for maritime salvage and intervention told the BBC that the removal of the rig "could take some time."

This is not evidence that flies in the face of global warming.

It's wintertime in Rio. Break out the Speedo!

It was caught on dash cam.

A monster hurricane was threatening, but the U.S. could not fly into it.

  • Jack Williams
  • ·
  • Aug 3
  • ·

Belize can expect damaging winds, torrential rain, and a storm surge of several feet.

Temperatures are likely the highest ever recorded outside of Death Valley.

The monsoon happens every year, but this one has been particularly devastating in part due to the presence of El Niño earlier in 2016.

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