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Winter outlooks presented by several long-range forecasters may send shivers down your spine.

Just one week after the Fourth, the high country of Montana, Wyoming and Idaho are back to winter.

  • John Hopewell
  • ·
  • Jul 12
  • ·

Fresh snow is sure to delight summer skiers on Mount Hood.

It's the middle of May and snowfall of historic proportions has blanketed Caribou, Maine.

The Trollstigen mountain road in Norway is just one of the country's beautiful, winding roads.

The current system needs an overhaul.

The report says the method used to measure the snowfall at D.C.’s official recording site was “not ideal” but said the 17.8-inch total was accurate.

Residents witnessed snowflakes for the first time in many years so late in the season.

A bunch of people almost got it exactly right, but the final total is tentative.

Almost all the snow came in two days, but it was a lot!

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