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It is time to put weather safety at MLB ballparks in the hands of professional meteorologists.

  • Kevin Kloesel
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  • Sep 10
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Where does your team stack up?

His Airness has an affinity for the skies that extends beyond soaring above the rim.

Appoint a meteorologist to monitor conditions and communicate threats. Develop a safety plan.

The weather will change dramatically Friday, truly testing the players' games and ability to adapt to very difficult conditions.

What's the score? We don't know. The strike put the board out of commission for the rest of the game.

A baseball field tarp can have quite the appetite, as the groundskeeper of the Pittsburgh Pirates learned the hard way Tuesday night.

The St. Louis Cardinals narrowly avoided disaster when a tornado just missed Busch Stadium, packed with fans.

For Bode Baffert, son of Bob Baffert who trained American Pharoah, dad's winning the triple crown was nice. But he has his eyes set on a bigger prize: becoming a meteorologist.

For a change, "Bike to Work" day should be dry.

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