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The evening sky put on a show for the third straight day.

Along the edge of a coastal storm is the place to be for spectacular sunsets.

It offered an unbelievable display of texture and color.

For at least 20 minutes, the sky was painted in red, pink and orange as the sun inched below the horizon.

The storm presented stunning sunsets, 22-degree halos and awesome wave clouds.

Day turned to night and the first breath of pre-fall air blew into the region.

As thunderstorms roiled over the northern suburbs, sunlight hit the cloud base and washed the sky in pink and orange.

The air was thick, but the sky was stunning as day turned to night.

After rain blew past the Beltway last night, the evening turned into a cloud-watching event.

  • Kevin Ambrose
  • ·
  • Jun 6
  • ·

You don't have to be a meteorologist to tell whether clouds will be just right for a beautiful sunset. You can leave it up to this model.

  • Adam M. Rainear
  • ·
  • Apr 26, 2016
  • ·
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