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Deadly landslides were triggered by a truly excessive amount of rainfall in the past seven days.

The storm arrived in the Philippines just days after Typhoon Sarika, which dramatically increases the chance of deadly landslides.

Video shows the storm slamming the island but also its eye's eerie calm.

Hurricane Matthew pales in comparison to the video we're seeing from Bermuda on Thursday.

We can't reliably pinpoint where the storm's most severe impacts start and stop.

Staggering quantities of rain and the resulting flooding induced the greatest damage in the United States.

The rainfall from Hurricane Matthew was extreme, even by hurricane standards.

  • Jeff Halverson
  • ·
  • Oct 10
  • ·

A dangerous storm surge and flooding rain predicted for the Southeast into Saturday.

At a pivotal moment, the government's hub for official hurricane information was inaccessible.

Matthew will be a potentially historic nightmare for nearly the entire east coast of Florida.

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