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The weather this February keeps getting weirder.

Contamination in the water “runs the gamut” from sewage to oil and gas, San Jose's mayor said.


A new blast of torrential rain raises the specter of a serious flooding event.

A powerful storm leaves a mess behind in Los Angeles and San Diego.

  • Greg Porter
  • ·
  • Feb 18
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In some places, the snow is stacked eight feet high.

  • John Hopewell
  • ·
  • Feb 17
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Southern California is under siege from one of the strongest storms in years

An enormous amount of water is being released from Lake Oroville in preparation for heavy rain in the forecast.

The groundhog's Feb. 2 declaration of six more weeks of winter was fake news.

Wind gusts of 50-60 mph could bring down some trees and cause outages.

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