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The Rocky Mount fire smoke plume could be seen from miles away on Tuesday.

The quakes turned hillsides into liquified mud, burying everything in its path.

The operator of this road grader was in a tough spot on Tuesday, stuck on the slope of a dirt road where he was helping to battle a newly-sparked wildfire.

The video he captured is horrifying.

Every four to five years, the Perito Moreno Glacier collapses in a thunderous boom to the delight of tourists.

She says she doesn't remember being scared as the tornado swept over the store. She was in "survival mode."

Snow mushrooms by a magnitude in mere seconds, like marshmallows in a microwave.

Because who doesn't love to watch meteorologists laugh until they cry on live TV?

They look like they're alive.

The pilots pull the plane back up into the air at nearly the last moment.

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