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The Utah Department of Transportation said the gate system was affected by weather conditions.

The temperature dropped to minus-18 degrees, and the wind chill was minus-33.

An ordinary lighthouse was transformed into a majestic ice palace.

Giant flames and blowing embers lick the side of this truck as they plow through debris and thick smoke.

The wildfire ignited on Sunday afternoon and grew to 300 acres by Sunday night.

The Rocky Mount fire smoke plume could be seen from miles away on Tuesday.

The quakes turned hillsides into liquified mud, burying everything in its path.

The operator of this road grader was in a tough spot on Tuesday, stuck on the slope of a dirt road where he was helping to battle a newly-sparked wildfire.

The video he captured is horrifying.

Every four to five years, the Perito Moreno Glacier collapses in a thunderous boom to the delight of tourists.

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