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Because who doesn't love to watch meteorologists laugh until they cry on live TV?

They look like they're alive.

The pilots pull the plane back up into the air at nearly the last moment.

The 112-foot ship rises and falls over the huge waves, which were churned up by Winter Storm Gorm.

"It is one of the most tranquil and spectacular sights a person could see."

The flooded washed out roads, carried cars away and forced residents to evacuate from their flooded neighborhoods.

The pilots probably can't even see the runway until they are just a couple hundred feet off the ground.

The timelapse was made by monsoon chaser Mike Olbinski after 48 days on the road covering 17,000 miles.

It must have been a harrowing moment for the driver, who amazingly was not injured.

It was also the deadliest flood in Utah state history by far.

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