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Sustained winds blew at 91 mph and gusts peaked at 110 mph on Monday.

Though it was a touch chilly, the most important weather factor for the Blossom Kite Festival was a total go: wind.

With a sudden roar, winds gusted to 60-70 mph, accompanied by brief heavy rains and plunging temperatures.

  • Jeff Halverson
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  • Apr 4
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March is D.C.'s windiest month. Do you know when its least windy month is?

The flower-petal shower is likely to shorten the peak bloom period.

The incident reveals the often-overlooked dangers of large, inflatable outdoor play spaces.

A severe winter storm will unleash crippling snow and strong winds over much of the D.C. area.

Snow might briefly whiten the ground in our colder north and west suburbs.

The pilots pull the plane back up into the air at nearly the last moment.

The month of November is the deadliest month for the Great Lakes.

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  • Nov 27, 2015
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