According to multiple reports Tuesday night, the NHLPA requested to meet with league officials Wednesday or at any point this week. It doesn’t appear as though the two sides will reconvene, though. 

Asked via email if there was a meeting scheduled for any point this week, NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly replied, “No and I don’t anticipate any.”

“The Union has rejected the proposal we made last week,” Daly wrote. “And they have no intention of offering anything new. Therefore, no reason to meet this week.”

Barring unforeseen developments, it appears as though the negotiations have stalled again just days before the league’s deadline to save a 82-game season. When it tabled its most recent proposal, the NHL stated it needed a new collective bargaining agreement in place by Oct. 25 (Thursday) in order to play a full 2012-13 season that would commence on Nov. 2. Some have speculated that a full season could be salvaged with a start date in mid-November, but whether the league would be willing to move off their deadline is uncertain. 

The league is expected to announce additional cancellations by the end of the week if there is no progress in negotiations. The NHL has already canceled 135 regular season contests through Nov. 1.