(Nick Wass/Associated Press)

After eight periods on the right wing, Alex Ovechkin says he will be back at his usual left wing spot as the Capitals take on the New Jersey Devils Friday night.

“We’ll see how it goes,” Ovechkin said just a few hours before the puck was scheduled to drop in Newark, N.J. “It’s just a moment where we’re struggling with our games. It doesn’t matter what I’m gonna play: left side, center or right side, we just have to play the system what Adam tell us. We just have to be mentally ready. It’s not about one player or two players. It’s everybody.”

Coach Adam Oates put Ovechkin at left wing at the start of the third period in Washington’s 4-1 loss to Montreal Thursday in an attempt to spark the captain. Oates added that he wanted Ovechkin “to be happy and get something out of his game”.

Ovechkin, 27, denied that he was unhappy while playing the right side, but disappointed in how the Capitals have played as a team. Through the first three games, Ovechkin has one secondary assist and has been essentially invisible.

“For personal, [I] shoulder I feel responsible for opportunities what we have. I don’t know, I have to find space [in] offensive zone,” Ovechkin said. “My linemates have to play better. Me have to play lot better. You can ask Nicky or whoever was with us how they feel about our line and I don’t think he going to say ‘I’m pretty happy about how we play’. It starts for me personally and it goes to everybody.”