(Toni L. Sandys/Washington Post)

As summer winds down, do you find yourself anxious for the start of Capitals rookie camp next week? Or are you making up line combinations while waiting for the dawn of a new NHL season?

Well, you won’t have to wait until the start of the regular season to hear the dulcet tones of Capitals play-by-play announcer Joe Beninati or for analyst Craig Laughlin to “hold it here” on a replay. CSN Washington released its broadcast schedule for the 2013-14 NHL season, which includes 71 regular season contests and two preseason games.

CSN will televise the Baltimore Hockey Classic on Sept. 17, when the Capitals host the Boston Bruins at 1st Mariner Arena, as well as Washington’s penultimate exhibition contest against the Philadelphia Flyers on Sept. 27 at Verizon Center. It marks the first time since 2005 that CSN has broadcast a Caps preseason game.

During the regular season, 61 games will air on CSN and while 10 others will be shown on CSN+. The remaining 11 games that make up the balance of Washington’s regular season schedule will be televised nationally on either NBC or NBC Sports Network.

The games that will be exclusively broadcast nationally are:

— The season opener on Oct. 1 at Chicago (NBCSN, 8 p.m.)
— Oct. 16 vs. NY Rangers (NBCSN, 8 p.m.)
— Nov. 20 vs. Pittsburgh (NBCSN, 8 p.m.)
— Jan. 15 at Pittsburgh (NBCSN, 8 p.m.)
— Jan. 19 at NY Rangers (NBC flex, 7:30 p.m.)
— Jan. 28 at Buffalo (NBCSN, 7:30 p.m.)
— Feb. 2 vs. Detroit (NBC, 12:30 p.m.)
— Feb. 4 vs. NY Islanders (NBCSN, 7:30 p.m.)
— Mar. 2 vs. Philadelphia (NBC flex, 12:30 p.m.)
— Mar. 5 at Philadelphia (NBCSN, 8 p.m.)
— Mar. 11 at Pittsburgh (NBCSN, 7:30 p.m.)

Here’s the Caps’ complete schedule for 2013-14.