Alex is leaving because we don’t have file art of Caps pucks. He’s not wrong.

Writing about myself roughly ranks somewhere between 6 a.m. flights and drinking vodka on my personal list of least desirable activities, so I’ll try to work through these next few paragraphs without much flare. My editor, Tracee Hamilton, asked if I wanted to blog a few words on my last day at the Washington Post. I told her I had no idea what I would say, but I promised I would at least endeavor to find out.

Three years ago, the newspaper section I spent my entire childhood reading took a chance on a raw, terrified-as-all-hell college graduate and hired me to cover football and men’s basketball at the University of Maryland. Seventeen months ago, my editor, Matt Vita, took another chance and moved me onto the hockey beat, to cover the Washington Capitals. The first and only NHL game I had seen live came when I was 8 years old – I think – on a Little League team field trip, a point I mentioned to Matt. He said he didn’t care. He said I would do just fine. I hope I did.

Starting Monday, I’m moving to Sports Illustrated to cover hockey. Most of you probably knew that. Most of you probably don’t care. Isabelle Khurshudyan has already made a seamless transition onto this blog and the Capitals beat, so maybe you didn’t even notice. But to everyone here and on Terrapins Insider – my two home bases for three years – I say this: Thank you. Thank you for opening the newspaper, clicking on the website, emailing your suggestions, tweeting your thoughts, sharing your ideas and reading our stories. Keep doing that. It’s pretty cool.

Washington will stay my home and Verizon Center will remain my base of operations. The Twitter handle isn’t changing, but the email will. If you so desire, I can be reached at Yes, my full first name is Alexander. My middle name is Hyun-Ju. It’s Korean, a hybrid of my mother’s name and the Korean name she gave my father when they married. It means “Wise Pearl,” which in my mind doesn’t make a ton of sense. Then again, it’s possible this story about Joel Ward’s butt didn’t either.

So go follow Isabelle on Twitter. Check out the last few pieces I’ll have here coming out next week — one on the radiant happiness of Nate Schmidt, another looking into the events of July 1 and 2, when the Capitals landed both Justin Williams and T.J. Oshie. Renew your subscriptions to the Post. Keep reading the unbelievable team assembled here, filled with beautiful storytellers who had no issue answering annoying questions from a 21-year-old kid fresh into this world, still raw, still terrified as all hell. Stay in touch. We’ll see each other around the way.