The Army has no record of retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn asking for permission to take any kind of 'foreign employment.'

The news comes just as an iconic district in the country's south falls to the Taliban.

The operation began Tuesday night and focused around the area of the Tabqa dam--a choke point on the Euphrates river that has been a key hub for the Islamic State.

DARPA goes beyond using electronic jamming to stop enemy drones.

The House passed the Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act by a vote of 240 to 175 on Thursday.

Houthi forces said the drones were built in Yemen, the serial numbers, however, tell a different story.

Service members cover every demographic, every social class, and every degree of morality.

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Upward of 20 victims have come forward.

'We’re really at the dawn of an era.'

Former president Barack Obama's first pick for the Pentagon's second in charge was a lobbyist for the defense giant Raytheon.

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