The commandant of the Coast Guard criticized the situation in a video posted on Twitter.

The story rocketed to national attention on Wednesday after the ACLU demanded an investigation to figure out how the citizen was slated for deportation.

The Defense Department wants to scrutinize those with a 'foreign nexus.'

The service is part of the U.S. military, but personnel are going unpaid because they are part of the Department of Homeland Security.

Coast Guardsmen are working without pay during the shutdown, and thousands of civilians working for the service are furloughed.

President Trump called it "insane" that reports by the special inspector general for Afghanistan reconstruction are released to the public.

US Strategic Command, which oversees the the nation's nuclear weapons, apologizes for a Twitter message, saying it was ready if necessary to drop something "bigger" than Time Square's New Year's ball.

'Secretary Mattis prefers that today, like every day, the focus remain on the mission and those who carry it out,' a spokeswoman said.

James J. Grazioplene was prosecuted by the Army until a court ruling prompted charges to be dismissed in a military court.

The Austin resident, who remained mentally sharp well past 100, died on Thursday.

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