Joseph Guglielmo's attorney said he wasn't hurting himself or anyone else, so the deputies had no reason to use force on him.

Manning, who had been sentenced to 35 years in prison, formally asked Obama to commute her sentence last year. She has been jailed since being arrested in May 2010 and will be released on May 17. This is a developing story. It will be updated.

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Approval of retirement-limit waiver was the final hurdle for Mattis serving as Pentagon chief.

Marillyn Hewson says company is close to a deal that would cut costs and create jobs.

Gentry Debord is the seventh current or former Navy official to receive prison time in a sex-for-secrets scandal.

Mattis was willing to appear, two congressional sources said.

It was written in 1971 and follows the story of a Nazi SS officer.

Mattis could prevent 'wildly stupid, dangerous or illegal things from happening,' one witness said.

The drones are meant for surveillance … for now.

Robert O. Work has been deputy defense secretary since spring 2014.

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