Air Force provides an update on Tyndall Air Force base's damage

Xaver Boston ran a prostitution ring as he served as an Army Reserve military police officer, prosecutors said.

A U.S. service member was killed in combat Friday in Afghanistan.

A military police detective arrived to investigate an explosion. Toxic gas began to melt his gloves and tear away at his lungs.

Navy Chief Petty Officer Andrea Washington, with a distinguished military career, was found dead Monday.

The Army said it halted discharges of immigrant recruits. But an email reveals an effort to find other means to expel them.

The longest war in U.S. history exposes a divide between soldiers motivated by the attacks, and those who have no memory of it.

The Secret Service is aware of Kris Paronto's comments but has not said whether the agency is investigating.

Which countries have weapons? How much damage could they do? An expert answers some of our most pressing questions.

Chapman died in a 2002 battle in Afghanistan, and received the Medal of Honor after a lengthy Air Force investigation.

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