The Washington Post observed that journalists with NPR's 'This American Life' were present at legal proceedings for the soldier last week.

"Going into, it looked like Fourth of July," Berra recalled of serving during the D-Day invasion in France.

It'll cost more than $300 million to refit them.

It didn't just happen in Afghanistan.

Its next move could be setting up communication outposts.

David Drugeon was a French citizen and member of al-Qaeda. Abu Bakr al-Turkmani was a member of the Islamic State.

"I think it is appropriate to begin my remarks this morning with an apology," Gen. David Petraeus said in his opening remarks.

"No such policy has existed throughout my tenure as commander," Gen. John Campbell wrote in a strongly worded statement Tuesday.

The majority are ground-attack aircraft.

It's actually a thin coating of ceramic material that deflects certain electromagnetic waves.

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