The Marines are deep in southern Afghanistan when they peer out of a doorway. One of them asks if there is cover from gunfire outside. Seconds later, there is the crack of a single gunshot, and a sniper rifle round deflects off the top of one of their helmets.

“Oh, s—!” the hit Marine says, as he and his fellow Marines scramble back inside the compound.

The gritty video has gone viral this week, and appears to have been recorded on a camera mounted to one of the Marine’s helmets. It depicts a hair-raising sequence of events — and one American who got incredibly lucky.

DISCLAIMER: This video includes profanity.

The video was posted to YouTube on Sept. 26 by an account registered to a user named Sam Arnold. The action occurred last year in Helmand province’s Now Zad district, where Taliban fighters continue to be a threat. The video had been viewed nearly 1 million times as of Thursday afternoon, with about half of those views coming in the last day.

The video has received attention from CBS News, Reddit, Gawker’s Gizmodo blog and others in the last day. Checkpoint has reached out to the user who posted it, and will report back with details if they become available.

UPDATE: The original version of this video was made private on YouTube. We have posted another version.