Veterans Day has brought a wealth of classy tributes on Twitter this year, many of which can be viewed with the hashtags #shareyourstory and #veteransday. But corporate America also is involved, offering a variety of sales that rubs at least one CEO — Howard Schultz of Starbucks — the wrong way.

Social media is filled with tributes to veterans that range from the unconventional to the straight-up tacky. Here, a sampling:

Ka-BAR Knives offer pointy salute

This tweet was posted by a company widely known for its military knives. It’s simple, seemingly sincere and eye-catching. Well done.

#LetFreedomWing, Hooters? Really?

Hooters, like many restaurants, is offering veterans free food on Veterans Day. But they’re doing so with a hashtag they have used periodically since 2012, playing off an iconic line in “God Bless America.”

The company is fond of saying that it is “delightfully tacky, yet unrefined.” This hashtag pushes those limits of being delightful, to say the least.

‘Veteren’s Day’ honored

There isn’t much background provided with this tweet… but come on. Can’t we at least spell veterans right?

Yankee Candle! Excited! About Veterans Day sales!

It’s one thing to have a Veterans Day sale. It’s another to push it this hard. Settle down, Yankee Candle.

Christmas lights for Veterans Day?

Traditionalists have long lamented the commercialization of Christmas. This discount takes things a step farther, offering a 20 percent discount on Christmas lights for Veterans Day — so long as they were bought last weekend. Gee, thanks.