The United States has been carrying out airstrikes against the Islamic State in Iraq since Aug. 8, and in Syria since Sept. 23, killing hundreds of militants and destroying a broad range of the group’s equipment, facilities and weapons.

On Wednesday, the Pentagon released a tally of what has been hit. Some 3,222 targets have been struck, including 184 Humvees, 303 tactical vehicles, 673 fighting positions, 259 oil infrastructure components and 58 tanks. Most of the military equipment has been captured from the Iraqi army, which collapsed in embarrassing fashion last year as the militants took control of much of western and northern Iraq.

The tally released by the Pentagon — and consequently, this graphic — does not include civilian casualties. But U.S. military officials said for the first time Tuesday that they were investigating credible reports that civilians had been killed in airstrikes. Officials had previously acknowledged looking into reports, but the military had not acknowledged them to be credible.