STEPHENVILLE, Tex. — Opening arguments are expected to begin Wednesday morning in the murder case against a Marine Corps veteran accused of killing iconic former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle and another man. It’s a trial steeped in publicity, following Kyle’s depiction in the recent blockbuster film “American Sniper,” and prospective jurors had to answer a long list of questions as part of the selection process.

The jury in the case against Eddie Ray Routh, 27, includes 10 women and two men, with another man and woman serving as alternates. Erath County authorities here released the jury questionnaire on Tuesday, showing the kinds of details potential jurors were required to provide to the court.

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The five-page document, available here, includes requests for basic information, including education level, occupation and marital status. But the court also wanted to know whether jurists had ever served in the military, and at what ranks.

Then the questionnaire gets into the more specific items:


Routh’s attorneys have filed several motions asking for the case to be moved to another jurisdiction, concerned that they will not get a fair trial so close to where Kyle and his friend, Chad Littlefield, were killed. Those motions have been denied.

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Editor’s note: Checkpoint is on assignment this week in Texas, covering the murder trial of Eddie Ray Routh, a Marine Corps veteran who is accused of killing former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, the author of “American Sniper,” and his friend Chad Littlefield.