There’s a long history of enlisted U.S. service members mocking the comforts they believe the officers serving over them receive. A new video of a Royal Marine takes it a step farther, using dry, absurdist humor to note just how well he believes that British officers eat.

The Marine starts by demonstrating a ration pack used by British troops in the field — designed to provide enough nutrition for 24 hours of training. Then he demonstrates the officer’s pack — which, shall we say, is much more luxurious.

Among the items that come out of a small, brown box: silverware, a ceramic plate, a newspaper, breakfast sausages and a French baguette far too large to fit inside:

Additional items include cooked ham, fresh produce and raw meat on a packaging tray, seemingly fresh from a grocery story. Then there’s a long, lit candle, providing “ambient light.”

A closer look at the alleged contents:

As noted by Forces TV, the video was released by Royal Marines Reserve Merseyside, a reserve military organization based in Liverpool. It was released last week, just ahead of an open house for potential recruits.