The Pentagon confirmed on Tuesday the deaths of David Drugeon and Abu Bakr al-Turkmani, militants who were affiliated with al-Qaeda and the Islamic State militant groups, respectively.

Drugeon, a French citizen, was killed in a July 5 airstrike near Aleppo, Syria, and was an explosives expert with a network of al-Qaeda fighters referred to as the Khorasan Group, defense officials said. Turkmani was a senior leader with the Islamic State, and was killed in an airstrike near the Iraqi city of Tal Afar on Sept. 10, said Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook.

Media reports earlier this month had said that Drugeon was killed, and cited anonymous U.S. defense officials. But Tuesday marks the first time that the United States confirmed the death. A U.S. official told The Washington Post last year that Drugeon, a former French military officer, was in a vehicle in Syria hit by an airstrike, but it was not clear at the time if he was killed.

Turkmani was an “administrative emir” in the Islamic State, the Pentagon said. He was previously a member of Al-Qaeda in Iraq and a close associate of several other senior Islamic State leaders around the Iraqi cities of Mosul and Tal Afar.