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This new spoof movie trailer made on a Navy aircraft carrier nails ‘Star Wars’

There is, understandably, a fair amount of buzz about the forthcoming “Star Wars” movie. “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” will mark the first new movie in the blockbuster franchise in years, and likely generate a fortune when it is released next month.

Aware of all that, the crew of the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, a Navy aircraft carrier, just made a movie trailer of its own that spoofs the film, as the Virginian-Pilot newspaper pointed out Friday morning. “Sea Wars: The Ike Awakens,” debuted on YouTube this week and pretty much nails the excitement and sound effects that help make “Star Wars” such a success.

The trailer begins with an ominous deep voice intoning: “There has been an awakening. Have you felt it?”

It moves to a panicked sailor popping his head up like a Jedi did in the first “Force Awakens” trailer:

And to another sailor firing up a maintenance vehicle:

And then, in the comedic clincher, to a mop bucket rolling across a deck floor with the noises of a famous “Star Wars” robot in the background. Yes: There’s a robot mop bucket in this film:

Toward the end, a light saber even comes out on the ship’s deck:

The carrier, which recently returned to sea after a two-year maintenance period in Norfolk, Va., follows a long tradition of military units offering tributes to the movie franchise, as Checkpoint has previous outlined. It was created by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Alex Delgado, a sailor on the ship.

No word yet on which sailors may join the Dark Side.

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