A video, aired on Monday by Televisa, a Mexican station, and since posted to YouTube, purportedly shows Mexican marines involved in last week’s raid that led to the recapture of drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.

The operation, known as “Black Swan” took place in the Mexican city of Los Mochis near the country’s Pacific coast. According to the report, Guzman escaped as the marines arrived, only to be caught at a nearby motel. Though Guzman eluded the marines, some of his men stayed behind and in the ensuing gun battle one marine was wounded and five suspects were killed. Six others were arrested.

The released video is chaotic and shows a dozen or so marines wedged into extremely close quarters. One marine is wounded early on, though he appears to be conscious for the short time the camera is trained on him.

The camera-wearer appears to be one of the higher-ranking members of the unit as he maintains a central location and does the majority of the shouting and pointing — often telling marines to get into the myriad of doorways. Room clearing is a tricky and nasty business and is a scenario that many troops train for extensively. The marines in the video obviously have some training, though the chaos and confusion of the close quarters battle adds an amount of friction to the situation that obviously shows: marines bunch up in doorways (known as the fatal funnel or fatal front) and have a hard time coordinating movements.

The amount of nervous adrenaline is apparent at around the 6:25 mark, when the marine on the left takes around 15 seconds to open up a pouch on his vest and remove a grenade of some sort. His loss of fine motor skills is ignored as the other marines forego whatever is in the pouch and press into the adjacent rooms.

During a sweep through the house towards the end of the video, some of the defender’s equipment is strewn across the floor. Notably, in one of the rooms, is a .50 caliber anti-material rifle pointing down the long axis of a hallway.

The marines equipment is mostly U.S. military issue. M4 carbines, both short barrel and standard barrel variants, AimPoint red-dot sights, M203 grenade launchers and PEQ-2 infared pointers all make an appearance. One marine even appears to have a multiple grenade launcher of some sort slung on his back.

While Guzman remains in custody, there is an ongoing debate between the U.S. Department of Justice and Guzman’s lawyers whether or not he will be extradited to the United States to stand trial for a litany of crimes. If his lawyers appeal, the process could take years.