The little hand says it’s time to rock n’ roll.

Well, there’s no little hand because it’s a shot timer, but as soon as the buzzer sounds, John Wick, aka an older Johnny Utah, aka Keanu Reeves proceeds to run through a course of fire that involves neck chopping a dummy, firing a 12 gauge shotgun and dumping a healthy amount of 5.56mm into a series of targets.

The video, uploaded Thursday by Taran Tactical, is aptly titled “Keanu Shredding” and presumably features the “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” actor preparing for his role in the upcoming second installment of 2014’s sleeper hit “John Wick.”

Despite graphically showing the death of a very cute beagle, John Wick was acclaimed by critics for its well choreographed action scenes and thoughtful performance by Reeves.

As film critic Sonny Bunch points out, Reeves’s firearm training prior to the first Wick film lent the movie a sort of realism rarely seen in action movies today.

In the roughly 30-second video, Reeves demonstrates solid weapons handling, including a deft transition from carbine to pistol.

Yet, Reeves’s in-movie firearms training wasn’t always “John Wick”-level good. Who can forget 1991’s “Point Break” when Reeves couldn’t take the shot on Bohdi?