A senior civilian official at the Pentagon was a “hostile” and “abusive” boss who sexually harassed a female subordinate and used defense contractors to fetch booze for unauthorized “happy hours” at Defense Department headquarters, according to an investigative report released Friday.

Joseph J. Angello Jr., the Pentagon’s former director of operation readiness and safety, would also routinely hurl obscenities at his staff, get red in the face and “so mad he would spit,” according to an investigation by the Defense Department’s Inspector General. Fourteen witnesses told investigators that they saw Angello browbeat employees until they cried.

The report was completed in July 2014 but defense officials kept it under wraps until Friday, when The Washington Post obtained it under the Freedom of Information Act.

Angello retired in 2013 while he was still under scrutiny. He refused to cooperate with investigators, despite a formal order from his superiors to testify. He did not respond Friday to phone messages seeking comment.

A former Air Force officer, Angello held his senior civilian post working for the Pentagon’s human-resources division for almost two decades. The inspector general opened its investigation after a complaint was filed that Angello had sexually harassed a young female employee in 2013.

According to witnesses, Angello slapped the woman on the back with a rolled up piece of paper while she was standing at the office printer, whispering in her ear, “You’re lucky that I missed.” The woman told investigators that Angello urged her to wear tighter clothes, told her she had “bedroom eyes” and once said, “you know, it is okay to be a woman in this industry and use your looks to your advantage.”

Ten other staffers said there was a strong perception that Angello preferred to have “young, attractive female contractor employees” working for him. One witness said that when Angello took his female staffers on a trip, “he would get the whole ‘Charlie’s Angels’ thing.” Another said that he mused openly about having a “new, young wife,” according to the report.

Angello had several government contractors detailed to his office on a full-time basis. Investigators found that he regularly had them perform personal errands for him. Nine witnesses testified that he instructed the contractors to use his car — parked in a privileged space outside the Pentagon– to drive to a nearby gas station to buy alcohol and bring it back to the office for happy hour.

The furtive happy hours, which took place weekly, were against Defense Department rules, investigators determined. Witnesses said beer was the most common beverage, but that they also had tequila or whiskey from time to time.