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Boeing, one of the world's largest military contractors, said the selection process was "fundamentally flawed."

One of them might have killed an American testing them, a Buzzfeed report says.

J. Michael Gilmore said that an operational test of the Marine Corps F-35 could not demonstrate whether the it "is ready for real-world operational deployments."

The defense giant isn't giving up in its fight to build the military's next-generation ground vehicle, a contract worth up to $30 billion.

The Pentagon is on the verge of awarding a multibillion-dollar contract to build its successor, the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle.

Velociraptors fighting alongside U.S. troops in combat? This seems like a bad idea.

A top Air Force general won't rule out that the service may someday need an "A-X" plane, a new aircraft capable of performing close-air support.

Raytheon has developed an upgrade to the Patriot's radar system that will allow it to see threats from a greater distance.

The Pentagon released a report card on its top defense suppliers this week in an effort to highlight the top performers and showcase those that aren’t doing as well.

Northrop Grumman is believed to be the first defense contractor to advertise a program during the Super Bowl.

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