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It fires radio waves, not bullets.

"There's going to be some negotiations along the way," a U.S. military spokesman said of how the Pentagon might help.

Bringing order to a city of 2 million will be the coalition's largest challenge yet.

The strikes came as the U.S. backed efforts to liberate Fallujah in Iraq and Manbij in Syria.

The United States will offer high-tech explosives detectors and deploy 560 more troops to the country.

Troops from the U.S.-led coalition already have visited Qayyarah Air Base.

He is likely to oversee the bulk of the fighting for city of Mosul.

"The allocation of forces is a daily tactical decision that commanders make," Secretary of Defense Ashton B. Carter said.

Scenes of destruction posted on social media show burned-out vehicles and corpses littering the desert.

The goal of the Italian police trainers is to ensure that Iraq's military-style federal police and local police contribute to the Iraqi government's battle against militants.

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