Military technology

The comparisons are designed to reveal which aircraft is best at providing 'close air support' -- and could add to the long-simmering controversy over plans to retire the beloved A-10.

The plan focuses on the Pentagon's Excess Property Program, often known as the 1033 Program.

The announcement comes 14 years after the Pentagon launched the fighter jet program, the most expensive in the Defense Department’s history.

You might miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take, but how many shots will you miss if your computer-aided sniper rifle is being hacked over WiFi?

Marine infantryman likely will soon carry only the M4 carbine.

The Marine Corps is looking to field a new sniper rifle, but has yet to identify what type and caliber, according to a Marine spokesman.

The Army's new pistol is probably going to use a more lethal type of bullet: hollow point.

The Libyan border was specifically cited as a concern in a statement released by the Pentagon.

The work of Adolf Tolkachev was a goldmine for the U.S., and especially so for the Air Force.

Pentagon officials are pushing back against a blog post that claimed that "test pilot admits the F-35 can't dogfight."

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