For those associate video games with soul-sapping entertainment, Ueda’s work, with its penchant for quietude and the evocation of non-verbal emotions, is an epiphany.

Tom Holland's first outing as Spider-Man is shaping up nicely, aided by superhero-film veterans Robert Downey Jr. and Michael Keaton.

The father of Star Wars has screened 'Rogue One.' The verdict? He 'loved it.'


As Puerto Rican superhero makes debut, her writer brings ‘the power of our people’ to comics

Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez is introducing heroic La Borinqueña to reflect Puerto Rican self-empowerment -- especially as the island faces financial crisis.

Donald Trump will win in a landslide. *The mind behind ‘Dilbert’ explains why.

'Dilbert' creator Scott Adams is a longtime student in the powers of persuasion, and he believes Trump has been 'pitch-perfect' so far in deploying those powers.

Upon Comic Riffs’ 7th birthday, here are our favorite quotes to celebrate comics

Upon Comic Riffs' 7th birthday, here are our favorite quotes that celebrate comics, animation -- and the artists who make them.

"Person of the Year"? These cartoonists have other ideas.

The Season 3 baddie paints a bleak future for Team Flash? Is time-travel really the best option?

"They’ve never really made him a human being, and I’m really going out of my way to make him a human being,” writer John Semper Jr. says.

'Transformers: The Last Knight,' with Mark Wahlberg returning to fight, is due out in June.

Finding satire in our era of Facebook media bubbles and conspiracy theories.

Marvel's space misfits are now household names.

Disney has had a banner year with animation and live-action films -- but what happens when those two are melded?

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