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Every so often a game comes along that reminds you of how interesting the medium can be.

Nine of the nation's top cartoonists — including from the DNC and RNC convention states — share their trade secrets for caricaturing nominee Hillary Clinton.

"Justice League," "Suicide Squad" and "Wonder Woman" vs. "Doctor Strange" and Brie Larson.


As Puerto Rican superhero makes debut, her writer brings ‘the power of our people’ to comics

Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez is introducing heroic La Borinqueña to reflect Puerto Rican self-empowerment -- especially as the island faces financial crisis.

Donald Trump will win in a landslide. *The mind behind ‘Dilbert’ explains why.

'Dilbert' creator Scott Adams is a longtime student in the powers of persuasion, and he believes Trump has been 'pitch-perfect' so far in deploying those powers.

Upon Comic Riffs’ 7th birthday, here are our favorite quotes to celebrate comics

Upon Comic Riffs' 7th birthday, here are our favorite quotes that celebrate comics, animation -- and the artists who make them.

The latest "Star Trek" film sees a significant dip in its domestic debut from its two J.J. Abrams-directed predecessors. Can overseas audiences save the franchise?

Comic-Con 2016: Greg Grunberg and Lucas Turnbloom team up on new comic series 'Dream Jumper,' And Grunberg and Kevin Smith debut AMC's 'Geeking Out.'

Marvel debuts new 'Doctor Strange' footage -- and casting these two Oscar-winning actresses for its forthcoming superhero-film roles.

DC Entertainment shows off new footage of three of most highly anticipated superhero films -- and Comic-Con eats it up.

Six decades after Congress cracked down on comics, Rep. Lewis achieves a first. D&Q, Image, Boom! and Marvel creators among big winners at Eisner Awards.

A game aimed at people looking to re-experience their youth or for parents looking to share an aspect of their hobby with their children.

Nine of the nation's top cartoonists share their trade secrets for skewering Candidate Trump.

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