Natalia Cordova-Buckley says Kahlo made it okay to be a woman who is described as “intense, radical, crazy, dramatic."

More than 125 cartoonists are donating art for the Thanks + Giving campaign that will launch Thursday.

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After a less-than-super box office performance, it's hard to know how seriously fans should take the hints.


As Puerto Rican superhero makes debut, her writer brings ‘the power of our people’ to comics

Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez is introducing heroic La Borinqueña to reflect Puerto Rican self-empowerment -- especially as the island faces financial crisis.

Donald Trump will win in a landslide. *The mind behind ‘Dilbert’ explains why.

'Dilbert' creator Scott Adams is a longtime student in the powers of persuasion, and he believes Trump has been 'pitch-perfect' so far in deploying those powers.

Here are our favorite quotes to celebrate the art and industry of comics

Upon Comic Riffs' 7th birthday, here are our favorite quotes that celebrate comics, animation -- and the artists who make them.

“It was sort of like my birthday when I finally got to see the final product of what the suit would be,” Fisher says.

Geoff Johns and Gary Frank are reuniting to tell a “Watchmen” story that they weren't always sure could be told.

EA would not comment on whether “pay to win” aspects of its latest “Star Wars” game have been removed.

As "The Punisher" debuts, star Jon Bernthal hopes the violent Netflix series can be part of the nation's debate over gun control.

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Even Henry Cavill's digitally created lip is a mess of digital design.

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All three of Affleck's DC films have received mixed to negative reviews.

"The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman,” written and illustrated by Liam Sharp, will arrive in early 2018.

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