The job may be tougher to fill than Oscars host.

Wish lists and presidential pardons come to the satiric fore.

It only takes a few stages in VR to realize how immersive it is to fuse “Tetris” with elements of a rhythm game.

  • Christopher Byrd
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The cartoon creator said his hit Nickelodeon show was born out of his love of the sea.

The game doesn’t just erase historical details, it overwrites them.

  • Michael Thomsen
  • ·

Jon Favreau's latest Disney-cartoon reinvention creates confusion.

The "Wreck-It Ralph" sequel wins the five-day holiday weekend with an $84 million domestic debut.

A writer explains how she drafted the scene that she thought might get her fired.

"Deadpool 2" is returning to theaters for the holidays with less profanity.

Library of Congress and "We Spoke Out" Holocaust-book authors spotlight key works by the longimte Marvel mastermind.

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