Will the real Hank Henshaw please stand up?

Cartoonists use Trump's "drain the swamp" catchphrase against him.

It is a game, though, that is ripe for YouTube or Twitch, offering an excellent platform for high-level players to strut their stuff.

'March: Book Three' becomes the first graphic novel to win the National Book Award for Young People's Literature.

Harley Quinn, not the Joker, benefits the most from the movie's extra 13 minutes.

In its first new episode since Trump's victory, the Fox show alluded to its prophetic prediction.

Vishavjit Singh fights hate speech with his Captain America character — and his contribution to a new Smithsonian exhibit.

The character debuts in her own series, “Invincible Iron Man,” from Marvel Comics.

Here is how the nation's visual satirists see everything from the White House meeting to the civic protests.

The game’s long-running traditions begin to feel like a limitation

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