IT’S ONE LAST spin of the web for “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” which released the final trailer for the sequel with Andrew Garfield in the suit. Here are Five Things That Stood Out for what should be one of the year’s biggest superhero movies:

1. A (Sony/Columbia Pictures) Spidey for a new generation:
The current Spidey run with Garfield came to be, of course, after the three-picture Sam Raimi/Tobey Maguire teaming unexpectedly came to an end and Sony/Columbia went into quick reboot mode. Now, “Spider-Man 2” doesn’t feel forced as the first one did. Garfield — armed with a comic book-accurate suit and an apparent mastery of our hero’s sense of humor when he’s in action (a major part of the comics that was only somewhat apparent in the original trilogy) — could use his performance in “Amazing Spider-Man 2” to fully become the Spidey of this decade.

2. The (aesthetic) height of web-slinging:
Spider-Man swinging through New York is a joy to watch. Whether it’s about how his suit whips through the air, or how he shoots a web at just the right moment, the latest CGI artistry has been a boon to these films. This trailer flashes that state-of-the-art mastery to great effect.

3. When Harry Met Peter:
Fans get an extended look at the soon-to-be tragic friendship between Peter Parker and Harry Osborn (played by Dane DeHann). It’s been a decade since the friends have seen each other, and it remains to be seen if and when Harry catches on as to what Peter has really been up to. “Web design,” Peter tells Harry humorously. There’s a Goblin-like villain zooming around on a hang glider wearing a green suit. The previews deftly keep the face of this person out of few, but all signs point to this being Harry. The foremost question that remains is: When will the friendship between Peter and Harry take a turn for the worse?

4. Sing the body Electro:
The suits at Sony/Columbia have made it clear that they will expand their Spider-Man universe with all the characters that they have rights to. That means a possible movie centered on Spidey’s villains. A Sinister Six movie? There are already a couple of candidates for membership: Jamie Foxx’s Electro (who is seen slamming Spider-Man through a police car in this trailer) and Paul Giamatti’s Rhino (who can be viewed in his gigantic Rhino suit, taking a manhole cover to the face). There’s also the aforementioned “Goblin,” as well as a glimpse of some Octopus legs hanging on a wall — at what sure looks to be a baddie’s factory.

5. A fight to the (bated) breath:
Once again (as in the previous trailers), we glimpse a riveting, perhaps epic battle between Spidey and a green-clad figure. And it looks as though Gwen is there, as well. Will “Amazing Spider-Man 2” “go there” as to Gwen’s future? Or will we see Emma Stone in the role once again … in “Amazing Spider-Man 3”?