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DOONESBURY: Comic’s full website gets a new host: The Washington Post

A “Doonesbury” Flashback from last week.

MICHAEL DOONESBURY is on the move. The strip that was first set on one “WaPo” — Walden Pond — will now have a home on a second one: The Washington Post., formerly hosted by Slate, will now “live exclusively” on The Post’s website, the paper is announcing this morning.

Garry Trudeau, creator of the Pulitzer-winning strip, tells The Post’s Comic Riffs that he is “very excited” by the move.

The site’s regular features include a reader-comment forum (Blowback), an area that spotlights posts by members of the military and their supporters (The Sandbox), the latest true-life sound bites of political mudslinging (Mudline), plus 46 years of archived strips (if you count the two years of Yale Strips).

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Trudeau is on an open-ended hiatus from the daily strip (“Doonesbury” Sundays are still fresh) while he works on a second season of his political comedy “Alpha House” for Amazon Studios. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, of course, owns The Post.

You can check out the full new site by clicking