Ben Affleck debuts the Batsuit. (courtesy of WB/DC Entertainment/Zack Snyder.)


THIS, IN green-screen and heavy rubber, is the new entertainment-world order. Especially come summer.

Nearly daily now, we expect some announcement, some release or some photo, from the heart of the comics-industrial complex. And then we expect a superhero-content rival to steal a bit of that spotlight, if not the entire Bat-signal glow.

Today, for instance, it was announced that Channing Tatum has been cast as Gambit — yep, the kinetic Cajun — for an upcoming “X-Men” spinoff film. The crowd of tweets goes wild. (Buh-bye, Taylor Kitsch.)

Not an afternoon can pass, though, before a filmmaker “at a rival studio” — in this case, Zack Snyder, aka director of Warner Bros./DC’s untitled-but-you-know-it-as “Batman vs. Superman” — tweets out a would-be snapshot (actually, polished and buffed within an inch of its life) of the quasi-controversial Ben Affleck debuting the newest Batsuit, with his eye-candy Batmobile idling with arched menace as backdrop. Snyder “releases” the image in black-and-white tones as artful as a Jim Lee page (with even a Leica camera plug sneaked in the tweet for good, sly, perhaps contractual measure).

Will this image, as DC surely hopes, tame the savage beast that is the fanboy hordes? Will the earth-inheriting geeks be assuaged that this super-suit is free of the Batnipples that helped make a mockery of George Clooney’s suit (“putting the ‘mocker’ in ‘Joel Schumacher’ since the mid-’90s”), which seemed to signal brightly, like some areola Borealis, that those Bat-films were troubled from the get-go, if not the get-up?

Social media will weigh in like Judge Dredd, jury and executioner on Affleck’s solemn-jawed Caped Crusader. And as the Interwebs blow up like a Bane-bombed Heinz Field, all Comic Riffs can focus on is:

How will the world (wide web) react when Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman suit is revealed? And when does geek piqué finally peak?