courtesy of SPX 2014.
courtesy of SPX 2014.

SMALL PRESS EXPO continues to curate its welcome celebration of the alt-weekly comic.

SPX will announce this afternoon that it has officially added recent Herblock Prize winners Tom Tomorrow and Jen Sorensen, as well as Charles Burns and Ben Katchor, to its lineup of special guests for this fall’s event in suburban Washington.

The convention announced earlier this month that Jules Feiffer, Lynda Barry and James Sturm would be on the marquee to salute alt-weekly comics, and last week announced first-time guests Emily Carroll, Drew Friedman, Brandon Graham and Mimi Pond.

In September, Burns (“Black Hole,” RAW, The Believer) will complete a trilogy with his new work, “Sugar Skull,” which follows “The Hive” and “X’d Out.”

Cartoonist-educator Katchor (“Hand Drying in America and Other Stories”) began working in alt-comics nearly 30 years ago.

Tom Tomorrow (aka Dan Perkins) began “This Modern World” in 1990, and is a crucial link between the Village Voice comics of Feiffer and the next-gen cartoonists he has helped inspire, including Sorensen, who won the Herblock Prize this year. Both Perkins and Sorensen have also won the RFK Award for their editorial cartooning.

SPX 2014, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary, will be Sept. 13-14 at the North Bethesda Marriott Hotel & Conference Center.